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The Alliance Group

As Nebraska’s oldest and largest Professional Employer Organization (P.E.O.), the Alliance Group is responsible for the welfare of over 2,200 employees from its client base of more than 100 diverse businesses nationwide.  The company’s niche as a third party service-provider of employer services includes:  Human Resources; Employee Benefits; Risk Management and Payroll services. 
  The ever-changing demand put on today’s small business owner in terms of new rules, laws and regulations has fueled explosive growth for the Alliance Group.  Eventually the need for additional office space yet wanting to remain a part of the historic downtown business community posed a problem for the growing firm.  The solution?  Because new building space is limited company Owner Mike Mapes opted to purchase and rebuild the existing building located at 2566 Leavenworth Street in downtown Omaha.  Mr. Mapes was initially dissuaded from following through with the purchase by his agent because of the likely problems that would be encountered while trying to rebuild the goliath structure originally built in 1880.  Despite the massive undertaking ahead Mr. Mapes believed that he could find the right company to tackle the job. 
  The Calabretto Building Group was selected as the company of choice to work directly with the E&A Consulting and the Architectural Offices in a design/build capacity to breathe new life into the aging structure. 
  The complete renovation of the 22,000sf building began once the existing structure was torn down to a basic masonry shell.  Because structures of this vintage present a unique host of problems highly specialized labor was utilized for everything from removal of asbestos to painstaking antique brick preservation and restoration. 
  Today the building exudes prominence in the area and boasts a striking aura.  Literally everything new from top to bottom had to be meticulously blended into the existing integrity of the structure.  The beautiful synthesis of old and new has culminated into a comfortable environment where the Alliance Group will thrive for many years to come!  Indicative of our clients, Mike Mapes has become a trusted advisor to our company and a valued friend as well. 
  The Calabretto Building Group thrives on challenges and this project had plenty.  One of the most notable is the original time-frame allotted for completion of this project was one year.  However due to unforeseen circumstances at the Alliance Group’s prior leased location the completion date had to be moved up by an astounding six months!
  We are proud to report that the new corporate headquarters of the Alliance Group was completed according to the newly tightened schedule and on budget. 


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